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The National Symposium on Media, Arts and Design


The National Symposium on

Media, Arts and Design


The National Symposium on

Media, Arts and Design


The National Symposium

on Media, Arts and Design​​

by Media Arts and Design program, Chiang Mai University


The Thai national symposium on media arts and design, entitled Syntopia. 


Syntopia takes its name from combining two words - “syn” meaning together, and “topia” meaning place. This symposium, held over three days, aims to foster collaboration among artists, media professionals, and academics by providing a platform where artistic practice and academic discourse intersect. The event will serve as a space for networking and community-building within the realm of media arts and design, facilitating capacity building among participants. To advance the dynamic area of Media Arts and Design, Syntopia will create an inclusive environment for innovative artistic experimentation and theoretical exploration. 


The symposium is designed with two distinct components in mind. The first area focuses on academic discussions and panel presentations, providing a platform for interdisciplinary conversations that draw from various fields such as visual arts, media studies, humanities, environmental studies, and sound art. These panels aim to nurture diverse perspectives and insights, creating a space where different disciplines converge in a unified exploration of ideas. The second area of the symposium centres around artistic practice, featuring art exhibitions and workshops. Participants can engage in hands-on experiences, showcasing their artistic creations and exchanging knowledge and skills. These two areas intertwine to form a symposium that embraces academic dialogue and creative expression, encouraging diversity and unity within its multifaceted program.


Participants can anticipate a rich and multifaceted experience at the Syntopia symposium, encompassing fruitful conversations, insightful research, and opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals. It will serve as a space for networking, enabling the formation of valuable connections. The symposium will encourage thought-provoking discussions within a unique environment where concepts and practices converge, bridging the gap between theory and application. The Media Arts and Design program, Faculty of Fine Arts at Chiang Mai University, aims to create a platform that rethinks creative economy and policy while simultaneously supporting both academic discourse and artistic exploration.



Optical Delusions: The Politics of Visual Self-Presentation

Prof. Dr. Michael Herzfeld
Ernest E. Monrad Professor of the Social Sciences, 

Curator of European Ethnology in the Peabody Museum at Harvard University 
IIAS Visiting Professor of Critical Heritage Studies, Leiden University Senior Advisor,
Critical Heritage Studies Initiative (IIAS, Leiden)
Honorary Professorial Fellow, Faculty of Arts, University of Melbourne

The 2nd International Symposium on Media, Arts and Design

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The National Symposium on Media, Arts and Design

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